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 Erwin Gijzen, MSc

Quality Target was founded by me, in 2005. After I worked for over 10 years for General Electric Plastics (now Sabic), I found out that being a chemical engineer experienced in product and process development, Six Sigma and statistics, made me very useful to other companies.

Now, over the last 10 years with Quality Target, I still love to be able to help companies develop products and processes, train them and teach them, and especially love to see developments turn from slow moving complexity to energizing clarity. I sincerely believe I was born to do this, and it feels good to do it.

Elsewhere on this site you may have read that also engineers don’t know what they don’t know, and that also holds for me. And although I have been building experience in my work for over 20 years now, I have found out that this will probably never change. I learned I truly need to have specialists around me in many fields to help me and my clients move faster. Be it University Professors in Statistics, data analysis specialists with various background, psychologists specialized in changing work procedures of development departments and change management, or even just consultants in Lean Six Sigma comparable to myself to do some sparring or that can take over work from me if needed.

That is how what we now call our Innovation Excellence Network evolved. A dynamic network of experienced specialists jumping in and out as needed. Having fun and continuously learning from each other as well as from our projects. Not only covering the technical complexity involved in your innovation, but including the human aspects as well, to create the right environment. Covering important aspects to innovation like change management and freeing up organizational capacity, that are needed to speed up innovation effectively.

What I liked most about GE in the 1990’s was its immense network of specialists in so many fields, and the freedom I had to just contact them. That was great. And fairly, our Innovation Excellence Network is exactly that. And it has zero overhead while we all can do what we are good at. That is nice for us, and good for you to know. Personally I feel these networks in the future can grow to a power bigger than multinationals.

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Erwin Gijzen, Etten-Leur, The Netherlands