Innovation boost in quality improvement

We are specialized in the technological challenges involved in quality improvement.

For us, quality improvement can mean two things:

  1. How to rapidly develop a product that meets all quality demands?
    The development of a (new or modified) product usually requires us to meet all quality demands. But if those demands are conflicting with each other, then what? The product is produced in a technical process, in which the many settings influence each other and the different quality demands at the same time. Beating complexity is now all about HOW to optimize all those many process aspects, in order to get the desired property profile in the product. The answer is a rapid scientific approach that turns complexity into clarity.
  2. How to improve a running process towards elimination of reject?
    Reject is caused by variation in quality that is higher than allowed. It results in "out of specification" products. If the causes of the variation can be made visible, those causes can be addressed to reduce the variation in quality. But technological production processes typically involve dozens or hunderds of process aspects that can be the potential causes of variation, or even combinations of those. So how can causes be found? Beating complexity is now all about finding the few important causes of quality variation that are well hidden in the bulk of all other potential causes. The answer is a smart comprehensive analysis of all your available knowledge and data, to reveal the hidden causes.

Have you been struggling with structural quality deficiencies for a long time? We provide a network of specialists that are seasoned professionals in different fields around quality engineering. We level with your engineers and operators, as well as with University professors in data analysis. We quickly combine the knowledge that you need. Unleash this power, to structurally resolve your quality issues fast. And when looking back, be amazed on how much better your current technology can perform. You are closer than you think.

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