Reaching reliable, stable quality in production processes


Do your products experience occasional unexplained quality variation, maybe resulting in reject? Or shifts in quality over a certain period? Do you wonder what could be the cause?

Usually it is rather hard the find the causes of shifts in quality, because production processes tend to be complex. They consist of very many production steps and settings that create the right quality, but somehow also show unexplained shifts in quality.

We provide consultancy and training in revealing the hidden causes of quality variation. Such causes can be wear of machinery, subtle shifts in process conditions, raw material inconsistency, or many others. We help you to pin-point those vital few parameters in your production process that are causing the problems. Even though they may be hidden amongst dozens or hundreds of other process parameters, we are specialized to help you find them. Contact us now, to find out if your problem can be addressed. Or learn more about how we work.